Why Sartoretti?

Stepping into the jargon-filled world of business and logistics, it can all be quite overwhelming and confusing. What are the major factors you should consider when hiring a logistics company? Is the business sustainable financially and environmentally, enough to make a major change to the market you are involved in? If so, how will you finance it? What are your financing options? How do you go about hiring and training employees?

Sartoretti is the perfect place to find answers to questions like these. How, you ask? Because I know the processes involved in growing a business, the challenges faced by business owners, the changing business climate, and how to offer guidance to those who need it. Whatever stage in your business journey you’re at, whether you’re already established or just starting out, I can help you build your business by providing you with everything you need to know, so you can make well-informed business decisions. In other words, I can be a spiritual partner in your growth!

More About Me

Having started out as an arts graduate, my journey to the business world wasn’t very straightforward. Because I had to go to a college near my house in Wisconsin, I had few options. But, I always had a  dream of starting my own business someday. While I didn’t have the resources to start it then, it didn’t stop me from working towards it. I started reading success stories of billionaires and major business tycoons to learn how they paved their path to success. And with each new book I read, my dreams grew bigger!

I started my first venture in my mid-20s, having gone through several part-time jobs. With two small trucks and a minivan, I started small. To my surprise, I found people to work with me who truly cared about the company. From running on losses to gradually turning a profit, the growth was steady and rewarding. Over time, the number of vehicles increased and I had a fleet of vehicles ready. It was then that I began diversifying into different sectors, as my main focus was in transporting manufacturing goods.

My business is a constantly evolving process, which has faced many challenges, including Covid-19 and other financial setbacks, but we just came back stronger. So, whilst I might not be an “expert” in my field, to grow my business like I have through online courses and work experience, I feel it is my duty to help others who feel lost on their career path by offering them the same tips and advice I learned.
It is possible to achieve success if you are willing to work for it.

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Do you have any ideas or thoughts you’d like to share? I would be happy to hear from you.