How To Increase Driver Retention In Your Logistic Network

Retaining a good driver is not always easy, which is why we want to help you improve driver retention. In a way, driver retention is something that is difficult to measure, but it is still important as, without drivers, you will have no customer service and, therefore, no business.

What is Driver Retention?

When it comes to your warehouse logistics, driver retention is a key component to ensuring healthy customer service and a satisfied client base. It is important to understand that driver retention is not a complicated issue and can be handled effectively through a number of different measures. Typically, drivers are retained for two reasons:

  1. Critically Important Skills. The driver has a very rare skill or experience that an organization cannot live without.
  2. Proven Performance. The driver has been with the company for a long period of time and has a proven track record of exceptional performance.

Here’s how to increase driver retention in your logistic network:

Better equipment and maintenance investment

With the ever-increasing use of heavy equipment in all aspects of our daily lives, it’s no wonder that the cost, maintenance, and running of heavy equipment assets have increased alongside the same.  At the same time, it has become paramount for all industries to increase driver retention in order to maintain the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of their assets. Today, there’s more investment in automation and technology than ever, but that doesn’t mean that the work hasn’t changed. After all, if your equipment and processes are performing at their best and you’re investing in technology to make it happen, then you’ll be keeping the best of what you’ve seen on the road and the shop floor for yourself.

Working conditions enhanced

If you can find the right candidate, the combination of a logistics firm and a driver is a valuable one. Trucking companies can be harsh environments to work in, which means truckers are more likely to jump ship when they feel they’re not being listened to or are not being properly paid. The good thing is that the best trucking companies hire their drivers based on their personality and experience, rather than just the number on their license plate. One of the best ways to improve employee retention is to make sure that the trucking company provides its driver with an attractive salary.

Constructing a more robust mentorship program

Businesses are increasingly looking for ways to improve their employee retention rates in the transportation industry. A common way to do this is through a mentorship program. A mentor is an experienced driver who acts as an example for other drivers, providing them with guidance and instruction. Mentoring serves as an important component in retention programs since it is the driver who makes the greatest impact on other drivers. Successful mentoring programs can be a powerful tool for business-wide improvements and lead to high driver retention levels.

Obtaining the trust of drivers

Driver retention is a must-have in any successful logistics network with the driving force behind the car. One of the most effective ways to retain drivers is to have a welcoming and friendly environment in your company. Drivers will be more willing to stay if they feel valued, they’re treated with respect, and they can trust their employer to provide them with a steady, reliable income.

Seeking feedback diligently

One of the most important elements to a successful business is the driver. Without them, many companies would struggle to keep their doors open. If you are in the transport or logistics industry, you know that the success of a business relies heavily on the drivers who deliver the goods.

The biggest challenge to keeping up with your drivers is not keeping them on the road. Rather, nothing beats than keeping them motivated. One way to do this is to increase driver retention by improving their pay, but the opposite is also true: paying drivers more will reduce retention.